About the Author

My name is Liz and I am a biblioholic.  (No, I don't like that- scratch, replace with "bibliophiliac.")  I'm a recent graduate of a Master's program in History and am torn between a life of further study (meaning a Ph.D. in some far-flung place) and freedom (meaning scrounging whatever I can in the almost-so-expensive-it's-not-worth-it San Francisco Bay).  Currently I divide my time between tutoring teenagers for money and doing unpaid internships for love- the internships are at an indie book press and a start-up website, respectively.  My boyfriend plays the trumpet- you can read about him here.

My textual interests are eclectic: I read history, of course, and scholarly works, but I also love classics, 20th-century literature, and I occasionally tear through mysteries (Agatha Christie) and sci-fi (stuff my boyfriend gives me) and bestsellers (stuff my mom gives me) as well.  My favorite author is Vladimir Nabokov, which I recently discovered makes me a Nabokovian.

I love to write as much or more than I love to read.