Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Place: BookBuyers

On a recent trip to Castro Street (the coolest part of Mountain View), following a satisfying hamburger lunch at new restaurant SteakOut, Paul and I did the usual rounds-- Red Rock Cafe, Books Inc. (Mountain View edition), and BookBuyers.

So, BookBuyers is basically the awesomest used bookstore in the South Bay.  Many a late-night hour I've spent in its shelves, continually separating from and reconvening with my equally bookish friends with separate interests: history, religion, martial arts, Judaica.  But it'd been a while since my last visit, so when I went this time I kinda re-fell in love with it.  I'm not gonna lie, it was quantity and not quality.  There's simply an impending avalanche of books stocking its shelves.  Books ready to burst forth.  I took a few pictures to illustrate the point.  And to implicitly (now, explicitly) advocate that you patronize.

Exquisite, no?  BTW, speaking of, check out my new Book Places page.  Will get bigger as I revisit all my book places and take iPhone pictures.